Bertie County, North Carolina

By Bride
Ann Bazemore 29 Dec 1787 James Thompson
Jane Morris 20 Feb 1898 J. T. Brewer
Mildred Thompson 31 Mar 1821 William Wateridge
Clara Thompson 13 Aug 1796 Ison Wilford
Mary Thompson 16 Feb 1808 James Bazemore
Sarah Thompson 03 Feb 1773 Jacob Pollock

By Groom
James Bazemore 16 Feb 1808 Mary Thompson
J. T. Brewer 20 Feb 1898 Jane Morris
Jacob Pollock 03 Feb 1773 Sarah Thompson
James Thompson 29 Dec 1787 Ann Bazemore
William Wateridge 31 Mar 1821 Mildred Thompson
Ison Wilford 13 Aug 1796 Clara Thompson

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